‘It’ tries to be funny instead of scary

Last week I went to see “It Chapter 2”, and it was to say the least just not a very well-done film. Personally, I did not think the previous “It” movie from 2017 was necessarily that scary, however it was a very well-done movie with an intriguing story.The sequel did not live up to that at all. The two biggest flaws treat stuck out to me were that half the time the movie seemed like it was meant to be a comedy, and that it was simply too long. Bill Hader was very good playing adult Richie, but his best moments just added to this identity crisis between a horror film thinking it is a comedy. In addition, the jokes were just better than the attempts at being scary. Every scary scene was telegraphed horribly so the audience could see them coming a mile away. In my experience the best horror films utilized unexpected surprises and suspense, which It “Chapter 2” lacked. All that being said the biggest issue was the length. It wasn’t just the sheer length of the film which was far too long at nearly three hours, but it was the length of every scene. At times it seemed like this film was released while still in the editing process, in the sense that every scene could have been cut in half and still gotten the point across. Another issue the film had was that it follows a storyline that fits children but is done with adults. This obviously was necessary because it is a sequel, however it just did not fit the same way the first movie did with the classic narrative of children being terrorized by a clown, full grown adults fighting a clown turned out to be clunky. While there was good acting, solid cinematography and a promising storyline, “It Chapter 2” fell flat on its clown painted face, I give the movie a D+. “It Chapter 2” has a total runtime on 169 minutes, which is 2 hours and 49 minutes. It is rated R because it contains violent content and bloody images, as well as crude language and crude sexual material. The film is directed by Andy Muschietti and stars Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise.

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