Bill Seely speaks as part of Oscar Schmidt Lecture Series

By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018

Friday’s Convocation hosted a special guest speaker.

Bill Seely, who plays an important role in the Varsity Spirit organization, spoke during the Oscar Schmidt Lecture Series. Seely is from Memphis and recently served as the executive vice president for Varsity Spirit’s Training and Education division.

Seely took this time he had with the students and staff of Sterling College to share some of his own experiences growing up and his own trials throughout his life. Growing up with the wrong influences led him to live a life that often left Seely all alone. Sports also played a great role in his life, as he would not have gotten the scholarships he did without his athletic abilities, for which he credits God.

Only after hitting a low point in Seely’s life did he hear God and turn to the Bible. He began to turn his life around and truly saw the Lord working through him and his family, even through challenging times and difficult changes. Now, with Seely’s background in cheer, he has helped to start up USA Cheer as well as STUNT. It is now a fast-growing female sport and is even being considered for official NCAA sport status.

Seely closed off his message by saying, “Live, fight, love,” and even had the entire audience repeat this with him.

“Live a life worthy of your calling,” he said to the audience.

Sterling College President Scott Rich met Seely on stage afterwards and awarded him with a mini version of the campus’ Servant Leadership statue that is on display behind Cooper Hall, as a thank you.

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