Cookie Day brings sweet treats to Student Union

By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018

Photo by Hannah Abbate

Tuesday started off the first cookie day of the year in the Student Union.

This event occurs three times per semester and started in 2010 by a couple who lived in town. It is now taken over by Casondra Stephens who has been a part of this event from its beginning days.

“It’s just an idea to share cookies with the kids,” she said.

Stephens now has enough help from around the Sterling community to help her make cookies for each event.

Photo by Hannah Abbate

“I just do the organizing and they make the cookies,” she said. “I have enough bakers at this point to where I only have to ask them to bake for me once a year.”

Stephens alternates what flavors appear at each event so students have the opportunity to try all kinds of cookies when they stop by. The cookies that Stephens is responsible for are the cake cookies. They’re designed to be frosted and then dipped in pop-rocks candies before enjoying.

Cookie Day always falls on a Tuesday because that is just what works for Stephens’ schedule. For example, she began her day Tuesday at 4:30 a.m. to open the Wellness Center and worked until 8 a.m. She then went over to the food bank for two hours before heading home to gather all the cookies heading to the college.

Photo by Hannah Abbate

When not dealing with cookies, Stephens is also an officer and an active member of The American Legion.

“I’m a retired veteran,” she said.

The American Legion organization is dedicated to mentoring youths and the sponsorship of wholesome programs in communities. They promote strong national security and continued devotion to their fellow servicemembers and veterans.

Photo by Hannah Abbate

This fits well with Stephens’ personality because she likes to serve others.

“If somebody says, ‘can you?’ I usually say yes. I’ve forgot how to say no,” she said.

Students also showed appreciation for the snack event.

“It’s just really nice to get a treat, every once in a while, that I don’t have to pay for,” Bethany Jenkins said.

And if cookies weren’t something participants were interested in, there were also bags of grapes as a second option for those who may not love cookies as much as others.

The next Cookie Day will be held on Oct. 16 in the Union.

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