Jason Briar named new VP of Student Life

Monday, Sept. 24, 2018

Sterling College’s new Vice President of Student Life, Jason Briar attended Sterling College and graduated in 1999 where he received his Bachelor of Science in K-12 Physical Education.

Briar later earned a Master’s in Health, Physical Education and Recreation from Emporia State University. He recently worked as the Fairfield USD 310 Middle School and High School Principal in Langdon.

He is married to his wife, Darci, and they recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. They have two sons and a daughter. Their oldest son, Lucas is attending SC as a freshman this year. For fun, he likes to travel with his family, fish, and golf. He also enjoys going to sporting events and concerts and is excited to be involved with the activities Sterling has to offer.

Briar shared how his career as Vice President of Student Life at Sterling allows him to come back to his home.

“[Sterling] felt like home to me, where I can invest himself into the community,” He said, “I take pride in being a warrior, and I want us to get bigger and better.”

He sees Sterling as his opportunity to minister, and desires to help transform Sterling into the top-school of the Midwest. He enjoys watching the students grow academically and spiritually and appreciates the openness of communication with students that Sterling provides.

Briar noted that while there are many similarities between being a principal and being the VP of Student Life, that this job allows an open channel of communications with students. He is able to be involved and join in on the community not only as a leader, but as a fan and a warrior. He also appreciates that Sterling allows him to focus on one job.

With the help of his staff of Resident Directors and Resident Assistants, he can look after students to the best of his abilities. By focusing on each student’s safety, comfort, engagement and entertainment, Briar can be involved on campus interpersonally. His staff helps him to notice the student needs on campus and works to provide students with the resources they need for a strong life in the Sterling Community.

Briar shared how his relationships here fueled his desire to work at Sterling. Having served as Sterling’s Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball from 2000-2006, Briar knew many of the Sterling Faculty members and realized that he wanted to work alongside such influential leaders.

He said, “I knew it was a great spot for me, not only to make an impact, but to be impacted.”

Briar enjoys working with the Student Life Staff. He knows that their involvement keeps him going strong and he is blessed to have a full staff.

“Tess Cannon [the Administrative Assistant for Student Life] is a rock star. This team holds it all together,” he said, “They’re phenomenal leaders. When you have great RDs, they know how to get great RAs, and that all trickles down to form a positive and well-sustained campus.”

Some things he enjoys about the SC community are that he can work and communicate with the entire town.

He said that “The community and the town have to work together. It’s a small town. You can say that we don’t have the ‘bright lights’, but the students on this campus are the bright lights. If they get to know the community members, they’re going to come and support the activities, because they’re going to want to know you on the stage and the field.”

He also loves that the community interacts with the students. Whether it’s with Warrior Fest, Homecoming, host families, churches, or at schools where Briar said, “the football team [can be seen] high-fiving the kids on their first day of grade school,” the whole community can be involved.

Lastly, Briar shared that he is excited to watch the campus and its students grow and develop. His passion is for the college to expand in number and further thrive in beauty as well.

He also wants Sterling to know that he is a competitor. He loves to win, and he is excited to watch as Sports, Debate and Forensics teams, Theatre, Choir and all campus activities each have their respective “wins” this year.

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