Potato Club hosts ‘Capture the Potato’ event

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018

On Tuesday the Potato Potato Club (pronounced Potayto Potahto) hosted its first event of the 2018-19 school year.

“Capture the Potato” began with an array of potato-based snacks and ended with students running across the field under the lights of Cooper Hall.

The club met to play two rounds of a potato themed version of “capture the flag.” The first round ended with a student sprinting to retrieve a potato from the limb of a tree in front of McCreery. The second round ended after another student had snuck their way to the other side of the field and rushed back while the opposing team was distracted.

This club is new on campus and was formed with the help of senior Chloe Heard and a group of her close friends who all love potatoes. Heard is a psychology major and club president.

The club believes wholeheartedly that the students’ passions for foods unites the campus.

“I think tonight, at our event, we saw that they [potatoes] do indeed bring people together,” said Shelby Stowe, club treasurer and senior mathematics major.

Another food-based club on campus, The Donut Club, has seen much success, and this friendly rivalry fuels the passion of the Potato club.

“Healthy rivalry can be good, but we are doing our own thing completely separately,” Stowe said.

Heard is excited to see new members join in on all the fun events they have planned. The staff members even have unique names for the club participants, and also for those that do not participate.

“Everyone that came tonight is known as our ‘Spud Buds,’ and if you are not a part of the Potato Club, you are a ‘Tater Hater’,” Heard said.

Members of the Potato Club believe their first event went well.

“Our first event was a ‘mashing success,’” Heard said. “It was full of friendships, laughs, and potatoes.”

Stowe agreed.

“We had a variety of people come out, and people got to know each other. Everyone had a ton of fun,” she said.

The Potato Club would like to invite all Sterling College students to join in on the fun.

“Potato Potato Club is open for everyone, and we love Sterling College. We are ready to serve Sterling College in the best way,” Heard said.

The next event for the Potato Potato Club is the “Potato Feast” in November. Another event for this year is the “Potato Prom” in the spring.

You can follow the Potato Club on Instagram: @scpotatopotato

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