Donut Club hosts delicious night in Cornerstone

By Hannah Abbate, reporter
Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

Photo by Hannah Abbate

Friday night the Donut Club hosted one of their events in Cornerstone. And the night was filled with many laughs, snacks, and games.

The Donut Club is one of the 12 clubs on the Sterling college campus.

The night started off with a donut decoration activity and competition. Glazed donuts were set out to decorate with many different colors of frosting and topping options.

Participants had time to socialize and snack on some donuts before another competition began. Mini powdered donuts were used to see who could fit the most in their mouth, like a game of chubby bunny.

Photo by Hannah Abbate

After the game, the winner of the best decorated donut was announced. A junior art major, Lexi Sutter’s donut won this title.

“My inspiration really came from the promise of God to never flood the earth, as it has been flooding so rampantly on campus,” Sutter said. “I just thought of all the colors of the frosting and wanted to use them all.”

Photo by Hannah Abbate

There was also a blindfolded donut tasting activity. The blindfolded tasted different flavors of donuts from Hurts Donuts and were challenged to try and guess the name of the donut.

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