Sterling College rings on sale now

Sterling college is partnering with Jostens to sell college rings. And now is a great time to buy.

Students used to have to come into the bookstore and fill out an order form to order their college rings. Now the ordering process has completely moved online.

“There’s not really a set year you get them but I would suggest that a student wait until they’re absolutely sure they’re going to graduate from Sterling College before they get a ring,” Debbie Staton said, manager at the SC Bookstore.

“You wear it to show off your alma-mater,” Staton continued.

Rings have been available to order here at Sterling for as long as anyone can remember.

To order rings, “go to There’s a longer cite that takes them straight to the sterling College page,” said Staton, or students can go the long way and select state and school from the website.

The rings are completely customizable. “Especially the bigger rings that have more stuff on them, and more choices,” Staton said. “They can of course drop in their B.A. or B.S. and their graduation year,” she continued.

Symbols for different majors are also available to choose from. “Smaller rings won’t give all of those choices but the bigger ones will,” said Staton. Upgrades like choosing a real gold ring can easily drive up the total cost.

There are two promotions for rings a year, one now in October and another in March. Ordering by November 1st would guarantee your ring by Christmas. Ordering in March would guarantee it by graduation. “They say about six weeks processing time,” Staton said.

“I have a [ring] sizer here for people who aren’t sure about their size,” said Staton. The Bookstore is open from 10a.m. to 5p.m. every weekday except for Wednesday when they open at 11a.m.


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