“Man Mondays” Bible Study Returns this Spring

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

“I want this to help us to create important and deep relationships with each other.” Jonathan Yelton said at the “Man Monday” Bible study. Yelton, a resident assistant in Kilbourn Hall, is leading the weekly study for the Spring ‘19 semester.

“Man Mondays” are a recent tradition at Sterling. Each Monday night, a Bible Study is led to encourage the spiritual and personal growth between men on campus. The first meeting introduced the theme of purity and the importance of developing community and openness with your dorm-neighbors.

Mondays are the ideal night, simply because of Sterling’s “no Monday visitation” policy. Men can be open with each other and discuss topics that affect the men on campus.

“I think it’s very important—especially in the Christian college setting—to have a place for guys to figure out their faith and to figure out more about who Jesus is and who God is, and I think a Bible study like this is the perfect setting for that especially a setting of just guys. I think there’s a lot more vulnerability and a lot more community that can happen,” says Daniel Marquez, Resident Director for Kilbourn Hall.


The first meeting discussed the importance of “bearing one another’s burdens” as mentioned in Galatians 6:2. The study is aimed at tackling whatever topics interest the men involved, along with creating a space for prayers and a community with sympathy and understanding.


“I think when you have a men’s only Bible study, you can develop more in your specific community,” said Marquez, “Guys can be more open about their struggles with those who can relate with them.”

Above all, the leaders are excited to see how God interacts in the lives of each member this semester. They are here to discuss issues and seek Godly wisdom and instruction.

“Just seeing what the Lord does, I think that’s the really exciting thing about this, you don’t know where this is going to go; you don’t know where God is going to lead us through the rest of the semester,” said Marquez.

Creating a place for growth and fellowship outside of chapel or church services is one of the important factors in Bible studies on campus. Marquez said that discussion can lead to a stronger community.

Marquez said, “It is just guys, coming together in community and being open with each other, I think that is the big idea of ‘Man Mondays’.”

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