CAB hosts paint wars

Photo by Darren Porche
Sterling College students take part in CAB’s Paint Wars Sept. 12 behind Mabee Library

CAB hosts paints wars

Colors filled the air Sept. 12 as the Campus Activities Board hosted an event called Paint Wars behind Mabee Library.

The Paint Wars is something that has gone on at Sterling for some time now.

CAB President Kenny Rocheford said at the beginning of the year he wanted to make these events something to remember. His plan was to make Paint Wars something the students would talk about for days.

“I had a great time at paint wars,” Rocheford said. “It was a smaller event than what CAB has had this year so far, so it was a more intimate space then previous events.”

With several people seeming to have a good time, and also seeing those people taking photos and posting to social media, Rocheford said the event appeared to be a success.

“It just put a smile on my face knowing that I had a piece in helping create those memories for them,” he said.

To start off the event, people were putting paint handprints on other people and just getting to know each other.

According to CAB member Lanna Wagner, the best was actually getting to know who other people were.

She said she also enjoyed the aspect of the event that had different people chasing her to put a handprint on her, which helped people to get acquainted.

Referring to herself as an introverted person, Wagner said she is not the type of person to be in a group.

Even though it was hectic at the start, she said it was an enjoyable time on campus.

“It was cool to watch everyone running around trying to get as much paint powder as they could,” she said.

Ethan Richardson, a junior, said he too enjoyed the event.

“From the time I showed up at the event, it was so much fun,” he said. “This was a good day.”

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