Local coffee shops serve uniqueness

Sterling was introduced to a new coffee shop known as Clive’s Staples – Coffee Shop and Bakery on April 24.

This new coffee shop has started to infringe on the already established The Point at Broadway Market.

This begs the question — which coffee shop will claim the title of “best in town”?

In order to determine this, this reporter set out to try different drinks at the local coffee shops.

There were several different components that were considered while deciding which coffee shop was the best. These factors include shop atmosphere, menu variety, service, price and drink quality.

In the first aspect of shop atmosphere, both coffee houses were very similar.

Both shops went for more of a classic, rustic, older look, and they had excellent studying spots, along with spots to simply hang out.

As far as decorations go, I appreciated how Clive’s features art from local artists, and its other décor highlights the work of C.S. (Clive’s Staples) Lewis.

Variety is where these two coffee shops are very similar and different at the same time.

Both shops serve relatively the same thing as far as drinks go, but as far as food goes, these places differ tremendously.

Clive’s is more focused on baked goods, such as cookies, donuts, bagels and more.

Broadway Market’s menu is more soups, salads, and sandwich based.

Service wise, Clive’s takes the cake. Not that Broadway Market wasn’t welcoming, pleasant or fast, but Clive’s seemed to be more genuinely happy to see and serve people.

Price is a very important piece of the coffee shop selection puzzle, especially for college students.

However, there was not a large enough difference between prices to impact the ultimate decision.

Clive’s does offer smaller drink sizes, which are then less expensive, but, comparing sizes and prices, basically all the drinks are the same price.

Food wise, Clive’s has cheaper food because it’s more snack food, and Broadway Market has more meal-time food.

On our outing we tried two different drinks recommended by the cashier, one hot and one cold. Clive’s strawberry smoothie was thick, sweet and full of flavor, while Broadway Market’s vanilla frappe, although it was sweet, didn’t have a very definite flavor, vanilla or otherwise.

Therefore, Clive’s is the winner of the cold beverage.

On the other hand, Broadway Market had a hot chia tea that was very good, sweet and had a hint of autumn flavor, while Clive’s coffee — even with creamer — was very bitter, even for coffee.

Therefore, Broadway Market is the winner of the hot beverage.

Overall, it is very difficult to give a definite “best” to one of the coffee shops, as both are very similar with their own highlights and problems.

The best answers this reporter can give is it depends on what the customer wants from their coffee shop because they are both similar, but at the same time have different elements to offer each of their customers.

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