Cafeteria provides new options

As the school year is off to a start, the students and faculty have noticed changes in the Sterling College cafeteria that have caused different opinions.

With the new food options and new smaller portioned plates, the students have seen major improvements in the cafeteria that hope to be better from past years.

The cafeteria staff has started the 2019-2020 school year by giving the students many options of food to choose from for each meal.

There is a salad bar that has an abundance of choices of vegetables to add to the salad.

The cafeteria also offers bagels, English muffins, bread and a waffle maker for every meal.

Some students said they are thrilled for the waffle maker.

“The waffle maker is a great appliance to have in the cafeteria because its a quick way to make a fulfilling snack and to soothe your sweet tooth,” junior Annie Connor said.

Photo by Jordan Graham
Sophomore Mackenzie Owens measures out batter to make a waffle. A waffle maker is just one of the new features the cafeteria debuted this school year.

In the cafeteria there is also a pizza bar with different types of pizza for all the pizza lovers, burger and fry bar and a sandwich bar, which has many choices to make a sandwich of their choosing.

Every meal there is also something different in the kitchen area, offering some type of protein, vegetables and grains for the students to choose from.

The food options are expanded from previous years, which should allow every student to find something they can enjoy.

Another addition to the cafeteria would be the smaller portioned plates.

The school brought in these smaller plates to help students pick the right amount of food for what they are getting. Having the smaller portioned plates helps the students not waste as much food compared to previous years when the plates have been larger.

The smaller portioned plates are designed to give the students a perspective on the amount of food they are eating in accordance to the food they are possibly wasting.

Also, the staff is updated.

“The [staff] this year is way nicer than it has been in past years. It is nice to have fresh faces in the cafeteria that actually like to do their job,” junior Breanne Akiu said. “The cafeteria feels more welcoming, making me want to actually go there to eat.

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