SC athletes play ‘spooky’ games

(Photo by Hannah Abbate) Sam Araiza fields a ground ball during the softball team’s Halloween-themed game.

Sterling College athletics have embraced the Halloween season with “spooktacular” scrimmages, practices and hardwood appearances.

On Oct. 25 the softball team held a spooky scrimmage with all of the athletes, even the ones on injury reserves, dressing up as various creatures, including T-rexes, cows, witches, and television show and movie characters.

Interim head coach Jessica Bati decided to include this game into the schedule after seeing other teams do it throughout her own college career.

“In JuCo, other teams had their spooky games, and when I came to Sterling, I saw that baseball was doing their spooky games. So I thought the girls deserved to have their own, and they asked me for it,” Bati said.

Some costumes were more humorous to watch than others.

“I would say Sam (Araiza) in her T-rex costume was my favorite because it was really funny to watch her move in that and try to ground balls. I threw a ball at her and she couldn’t catch it. It just bounced off of her costume, so that was a really funny point in the game,” Bati said.

Besides trouble moving, Araiza’s costume also caused problems that added to the comedy.

“It was hard to see because I only had so much to my left and right, and there was like a mesh layer so I was delayed and off,” she said. “But it was fun because when I was walking it was like a waddle.”

Other costumes had a little more thought behind them.

“I dressed up as a softball player from the movie ‘A League of Their Own.’ I dressed up as that because it was my mom’s favorite movie, as well as my own,” Blanca Hernandez said.

The Lady Warrior volleyball team held to their tradition of dressing up for practice on Halloween day.

“I believe the tradition started when Coach Harding first became the coach at Sterling,” senior volleyball player Jordan Graham said. “Since our season is during Halloween, he thought that it would be a fun idea to practice in costumes and to have a fun, laughter-filled, light practice on Halloween.”

Athletes also enjoy the atmosphere and energy the costumes bring to practice.

“My favorite part about the Halloween practice is just to see everyone trying to actually practice in their costumes. It’s pretty hilarious,” Graham said.

Basketball also has a seasonal tradition called Halloween on the Hardwood.

“It’s my understanding that it was started by Coach J (Dean Jaderston), and it’s just something for the student body to participate in during home basketball games around Halloween,” red-shirt junior basketball player Kylah Comley said. “It’s a fun way for students to dress up and have fun with teammates and friends.”

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