Swim team sets 22 new school records

The Sterling College Swim Team recently competed in the Principia College Meet in St. Louis, Missouri, where members faced off against Principia College, Lincoln College, and Williams Baptists University.

At the meet both the women and men set multiple school records. The women won over both Principia College and William Baptist University, while the men defeated Lincoln College.

Gary Kempf, head swimming coach, said everything has gone well.

“We’ve had a very good start of the season,” he said. “We are a very young team, and we continue to develop each week.”

This is Kempf’s first year has the swimming coach after being the athletic director last year. In his first year, Kempf has trained his swimmers hard, and it’s paid off by some of them earning some national times.

Kempf’s wife, Dorthy, is his assistant coach.

“Dorothy and I felt called to start the program here and build a solid foundation for the future, and we are trying hard to do that,” he said.

Freshman Monica Lang said the team’s recent competitions stand out.

 “Our best performance that we’ve done so far is our Principia meet in St. Louis, Missouri,” she said. “We got 22 new school records, and the girls qualified in the 400-medley relay.”

Junior Reagan Smyth agreed, and she said there haven’t been any poor performances either.

“I know there is a lot of frustration right now with some swimmers not making nationals cuts yet,” she said. “I just hope that everyone can keep their heads up and keep pushing forward because it will all pay off.”

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