AG Schmidt addresses students

Photo Courtesy of Jase Brandt Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt talks about recent court cases Nov. 12 in Heritage Hall.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt was the special guest speaker for Sterling College’s Criminal Justice Keynote Address in Heritage Hall on Nov. 12.

“I try to do one of these a semester, and we call them Criminal Justice Keynote Addresses. Individuals from different levels of state government come and provide an experience for students to hear what some of these issues are like in the real world. Attorney General Schmidt had come one time before about four years ago and was very well received, and we felt like it was time to bring him back again and we’re glad he was able to fit it in his schedule,” assistant professor of criminal justice Mark Tremaine said.

In the address, Schmidt talked about three different Kansas cases that were recently presented to the Supreme Court.

These cases included Kansas v. James Craig Kahler.

This case involved the murder of Kahler’s wife, mother-in-law and two daughters.

The Kansas v. Romero Garcia case entailed identity theft used on state and federal tax forms.

The third case was Kansas v. Charles Glover, Jr.

This case involved the Fourth Amendment right regarding unreasonable search and seizure.

For each case, Schmidt gave basic background and details about different arguments made.

He also provided predictions for which ways the justices will fall.

“We’ll see how things shake out,” Schmidt said.

Tremaine finds these keynotes to be valuable and beneficial for criminal justice students.

“I really enjoy hearing different perspectives on current constitutional issues, and I think it’s good for many of the students,” Tremaine said.

The guest speakers also add to the curriculum Tremaine presents to his students.

“For the criminal justice students that were in here, that’s stuff that we’ve talked about in class,” he said, “so for them to be able to get a real-world application of some of the stuff we talk about, I think is really valuable.”

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