Hannah’s Hits: Support needs to be given to all sports teams

Hannah’s Hits: Support needs to be given to all sports teams I’ve been involved and around sports for the majority of my life. And I love it. As a photographer, I almost never miss a home game anymore. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball — you name it, and I’m there.

But I’ve noticed something I find interesting: it seems like the majority of people don’t stay for the men’s basketball games. They leave sometime between the end of the women’s game and the start of the men’s.

To me, working both games every night back-to-back, it reminds me of how sports fans will leave the stadium if their team is losing or winning by too great a deficit. But maybe this difference in attendance between the men’s and women’s basketball team isn’t solely the fault of how successful their seasons are or aren’t.

Maybe it also has to do with how the crowd views each team. For some reason, there is less of a following for the guys than the girls.

In my experience, my first year on the softball team was tough. We were told as freshman that we were the “black sheep of Sterling,” and everything we’ve done since then has been to restore an image we had nothing to do with.

It isn’t fair to hold a new generation of players responsible for things done in the past, before they even step foot on campus. But to change a whole town’s view of a team and program takes time. Much more time that just one day or one year.

Since my freshman year, I have seen softball improve and grow so much from that negative image that used to cling to them. With new coaching brought new leadership, which was exactly was the program needed. They are now an amazing program with two bright and talented coaches at the lead.

But this again took time. Three years and counting. Returners may remember the past, but with new coaches and players come new ideas, principles, mindsets, and attitudes.

These are the kind of things that, given time, can turn around any situation. We all wear the same Warrior across our chests everyday we step on the field and hope for the success of those around us. We as students should want the best for all of our sports teams. When the student body comes together, it inspires other to play together.

That is what makes being part of a team so amazing — a group of individuals who come together, put their differences aside, and work towards a common goal.

And when that happens, anything is possible for them.

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