Cooking classes offered in cafeteria

The cafeteria held a free cooking class Feb. 26.

Marketed as “Teaching Kitchens,” the class is offered to students and faculty seeking healthier options for meals. 

It also instructed participants ways to make an easy and healthy snack for those seeking food between meals.

The class provided the tools and ingredients, so all the students had to do was show up and be prepared to work and learn. 

Women’s basketball assistant coach Maritza Chavez attending, and she said she believed the event would be good for all students to participate in. 

“I think it’s really good for students to see healthy options in things that they can make and kind of explore new flavor and try new things,” she said. “I know that being in little Kansas, you don’t always get that.”

According Grayson Jamorch, assistant director of dining at Sterling College, the plan is to continue to offer such instruction.

“The class is held once a month, and towards the end of every month, so the cafeteria can get supplies together,” he said.  

Chartwells Dining Service is who provides the themes every month, and the themes will change in order to keep the class new and interesting. 

Men’s graduate assistant basketball coach Kendall Hill said he appreciates the class. 

“Variety is a huge thing,” he said. “Paul talks about, in the bible, becoming all things of all people. I think it’s a great thing to reach people and all that.” 

Jamorch said similar programs are being implemented at three other colleges as well. 

Because the classes are open to everyone and schedules can sometimes conflict, the classes typically are not too long.  

If a student cannot stay the whole time, they are welcome to leave when they need to, instructors in the class said. 

If the dish of the day is more complicated, students are encouraged to be prepared to stay up to two hours.

Alejandro Castillo, a freshman on the men’s tennis team, works for the cafeteria. He said students should consider taking the class because it is helpful.

“An average student would be busy because of work and classes, and this would benefit others,” he said. 

Classes are announced via email, and each class takes place in front of the market in the Sterling Cafeteria. 

Attendees are required to sign a liability waiver upon arrival. 

All classes are taught by Sterling College Executive Chef Mark Kane.

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