COVID-19 Halts Track and Field Training

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused much turmoil across the world. 

For some collegiate athletes, it meant the end to a season before it even started.

The Sterling College track and field team was awaiting its first outdoor track meet of the year at Emporia State when we found out the season was canceled.

As a member of the Sterling College track and field team, I was very upset when I heard the news. 

After an underwhelming indoor season for myself personally, I felt like I was really turning a corner before spring break in terms of training. I had started to develop more speed and strength, and I felt fit just two weeks out from our first meet.

As a distance runner at the collegiate level, you spend a significant portion of your week running high amounts of mileage. 

This mileage can be taxing on you both physically and mentally. 

To train for months on end and then to read a tweet saying your season is canceled is a horrible feeling. I genuinely felt like I had a rug pulled out from under me.

That “rug” was the entire five months of training I had put in.

Of course, I am not the only one feeling these emotions. Many athletes on my team feel the exact same way.

Nathan Jones, a freshman track athlete from Washington has an optimistic approach to his upcoming cross country season. 

“COVID-19 has put a dent in my progress that me and my coaches have worked on all fall and winter, but I am looking forward to next season getting ready to go with this time off,” Jones said. I plan to transition into more distance-oriented training to prepare for the cross country season in the fall. It will give me good build-up for the season.”

Naythen Hill, a freshman track athlete from Oklahoma has found it difficult to get out and train. 

It’s made it extremely hard to get on the track when I am told to stay at home and social distance,” Hill said. My weight room training has been cut down to a minimum so it’s limited my training a lot. I was on a good start to training before we found out the season was canceled.”

In the large scheme of things, a canceled track season is the least of our worries as a society right now.

If we had to cancel the track season in order to “flatten the curve” of this pandemic, then it was the right decision.  

We can run in circles next year!

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