COVID-19 effects on students

Sterling College has been hit with the disease that has been hitting the world as of late and that’s COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. At first the college tried to extend the spring break length hoping that the virus wouldn’t effect the school has a whole, but after having some meetings the college would indeed transfer to an online setting and send everyone home that could go home. Most of the campus has gone home and left their stuff in their dorms in order to get them later. Some students weren’t so lucky to go home before or after this pandemic started.

“I feel worried for my family back at home. They have more cases there than here in Kansas” said Torey Wilson. Wilson is a freshman from North Carolina and was not able to go home during this pandemic and has been on Sterling College campus living in the dorms the entire time.

“It’s kind of a struggle. I miss my friends and being in theatre here at Sterling” said Wilson. Not being able to go home as been something of a shock to Wilson and when most of friends are not around you and all you have is your thoughts to talk to during this time is something not of a good idea. Not being around the people you love the most whether it be your friends or family it’s completely hard for anyone.

“I have been around people that I know don’t have the virus and I have been making sure I DO NOT touch a lot of things when I’m not in my dorm.” This pandemic has made these students take their lives more seriously now more than ever.

“I hope it does I hate this house” said Shiann Stewart. Stewart is a freshman from Fort Worth, Texas. Now for the students that were able to go home during this time some didn’t partially want to be there this long. Summer has basically extended by 3 more months. Being around family members for this long period of time and some not being able to leave the house a lot it can cause some discomfort inside their own home.

“I think it will end when everyone takes this seriously and take the right precautions to stop it. If I had to guess I would say another month” said Wilson. This has sent something up for these students because they aren’t able to see their friends over this time period unless they live close, but that’s not the case for some. Isolation is something everyone this generation has a problem with so only time will tell.

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