Losing Thanks to COVID-19

This is now my second time reporting on this pandemic and how it has affected my friends, family, and I. A lot has happened in a span of a week for me and my family and this virus has taken another person; it has taken a special person from us. Almost a week ago my uncle died from contracting this virus. My Uncle June was a special person to me who would always be hard on me and in his own way loved me and my cousins the only way he knew how.

My Uncle June was a person to always speak his mind and didn’t care who was there to hear and you can that’s where I find trait from because I do the same thing. He was the person that I could go to whenever I needed some hard advice with nothing being held back and even when he wasn’t talking to me I still listen to him because mostly what he says is something that’ve taken in and have become something I would go to use in my life for the foreseeable future. Now I said mostly and that’s because my uncle June was crazy, and I mean old people crazy! Some of the stuff he said was just that stuff. My cousin Josh and I were growing up and just thing that he was spitting out crap, but when we got older… we still thought he was spitting out crap. Truly though we would always listen to him, joke around with him, and argue with him as well, but we loved each other no matter what.

All of that came to end when I got a text from my mom saying to call her when I wake up. When I called, she asked if I heard about my uncle June and then she told me he died this morning. I was just shocked and the only thing I could do was go call my cousin to make sure he was going to be alright right now.

This COVID-19 stuff is so series and I didn’t take it likely before, but to see it take someone so important to me it’s so unbelievable. This virus took away my uncle and it’s open my mind to other stuff that my dad is around the same age has him and my mom is a little younger than them, but she has cancer and she’s most vulnerable to this and in my head if I lose my mom to this I would be broken to the point of no return. This pandemic as just been something to remember for all the wrong reason now that this has happened.

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