COVID-19 felt in Arizona and New Mexico

Sterling College student can no longer say they are spending their days studying in the quaint small town of Sterling, Kansas. Instead students report to their daily classes by opening their laptop.

“[I miss softball, my teammates, my roommate, [and] going to class rather than opening my laptop,” senior Nicole Haverman said. “[It’s been hectic. Transitioning to online classes was difficult and it has definitely changed my time management.

Sophomore Brennah Jimenez felt similarly about the online situation.

“I miss the environment,” Jimenez said. “I miss the free-going atmosphere and I miss my friends.”

Many students who traveled home for spring break last month were unprepared to remain there indefinitely. Unless they drove home, the most they would have been able to travel with would be a single suitcase or two, not nearly enough clothes for two or three months.

“Though we were told to bring our school materials home,” Haverman said, “I wasn’t able to take all of it and obviously that impedes some of my class work. I only packed two weeks of clothes too, so laundry happens quite frequently. I just wish I was able to pack more.”

Abbate’s closet at home

Through these inconvenient circumstances, the faculty and staff have been very willing and understanding as they do all they can to assist students in the transition to online learning.

“Life for me has been pretty calm and relaxing for the most part. I have some days where I feel like I’m drowning in school work but overall it’s been a good transition,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez and Haverman are both residence of New Mexico where the affects of COVID-19 can be undeniably seen.

We haven’t reached our peak yet but there’s been a shelter-in-place order that started March 23rd and just extended till beginning of May,” Haverman said. “People find loopholes to avoid following the precautions which makes it worst for everyone.”

“Things are closing,” Jimenez added. “Only a certain amount of people are allowed in the grocery store at a time, and only drive-thru’s are open. I’ve noticed that this is getting bad fast.”

Arizona resident and Sterling College freshman Miranda Alvarez said she too has noticed how few people are found outside these last few weeks and takes advantage of the time she now has with her family.

“I’ve seen so many people going out on walks with their families,” Alvarez said. “My family and I work out every day and take my dog on walks nightly.”

With no clear timeline on when this pandemic may come to a safe end, all we can do is remain safe and healthy.

“I think we’re going to be stuck at home away from everyone until May, or even longer unfortunately,” Jimenez said. “I however am hoping and praying this can start to go downhill by the end of this month.”

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