Comley Connection on and off the Court

For anyone who’s ever been to a Sterling College basketball game, you’ve probably heard the last name Comley over the loudspeaker. Multiple times. 

The Comley family has a rich legacy of basketball in Sterling that continues to grow each year. Junior guard Kylah Comley is the returning KCAC Player of the Year for the women’s team, and sophomore guard Kenan Comley is one of the top returning members of the men’s team.

Both siblings grew up playing with each other, so getting to play at the same college has been fun for both of them.

“It’s nice because I still get to watch all of her games. I have always loved supporting her and watching her play,” Kenan said. 

Kylah agrees with him: “Playing at the same college is incredibly special. We grew up playing basketball together, so to share this moment of our lives together is something I’ll remember forever.”

The Comley basketball bond goes far beyond just the siblings. Kenan and Kylah’s father, Chad Comley was part of the first-ever KCAC Championship team in Sterling College history. The 1992-1993 team finished the season 18-11. Chad was a unanimous first-team All-KCAC selection as well.

“Basketball is a way for my family to spend time together. We grew up in the gym as my dad coached us and continued until now,” Kylah said.

“It’s something the whole family can bond over and something we have been around for a long time. We have just been around each other so much heading to games or even working out together,” Kenan said.

Getting to watch each other play isn’t just a blessing for the two siblings. Their younger sister, Kinzie, also has a good time watching her brother and sister play.

“It has been a privilege for me to watch my siblings work hard and grow athletes on the court and people off of the court,” Kinzie said. 

When the Comley family goes to workout in the gym, it can be interesting.

“Everyone is very competitive but supportive at the same time. Everyone is willing to help each other get better;” said Kinzie. 

“Growing up, Kenan and I played pick up games all the time. We were constantly pushing each other to get better. Not going to lie, we’ve had our fair share of fights, but we love each other no matter what. Kenan usually beats me. I wish I could tell you differently, but he’s crazy good,” Kylah said.

“We played some pick-up games, and still do. In the beginning, she would beat me, but once I got a little stronger I started to beat her. I beat her now but every once in a while if she’s really feeling it, she can beat me,” Kenan said.

Both brother and sister rep the number three for their teams, which has been a family number for a long time, but could also represent their lethalness from behind the arc. Kylah has led the women’s team in three-point percentage since her freshman year and continues to follow that trajectory. Although, she is still jealous of Kenan’s shot. 

“I wish I could shoot threes like him, his shot is pure,” said Kylah.

Kenan also admires his sister’s game.

“My favorite part of Kylah’s game is her pull-up jump shot. I have seen how much she has worked on it, and then to watch her to it in a game is awesome,” said Kenan.

As a spectator, you might think basketball is everything to the Comley family, but that’s wrong. What’s even more important is how they act off the court. 

“Kylah and I have both gotten to the point where basketball isn’t everything. We know we have a much bigger purpose than just playing basketball, and that’s something we bond over,” Kenan said. 

People recognize their off the court actions very often.

“I have always looked up to Kylah. She has something that a lot of other people don’t have. She is a very good leader. She is always willing to do what’s best for all of her teammates on the court, and off the court, she plays that same leadership role. She always stands up for what is right, and she’s very strong in her faith,” said Kinzie.

Kylah’s former high school coach Jill Rowland had very high praise for her as well.

“Kylah is a tremendous player. I have never coached anyone that has been a better overall leader. I had as many conversations with her on leadership and team concepts as I did on the game itself,” Rowland said. “She wanted those around her to improve and excel as much as she wanted to herself. She has worked hard for her success and has had a willingness to help coach and encourage kids that have looked up to her.”

Kylah is the all-time leading scorer in Sterling High School history with 1,485 points scored in her career. During her high school career, she led the Bears to two state tournament appearances. 

Kenan’s former high school coach Derek Schneider also had good things to say about him.

“Kenan carries himself with confidence! He’s fierce. My favorite moment coaching him was when he took over the championship game of the 2018 Sterling Invitational. He made big plays in a big game,” Schneider said. 

Both siblings continue to have that fierce mentality in their time at Sterling College. Whether it be on or off the court, the ‘Comley Connection’ remains strong!

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