COVID-19 will take NO-MORE!

This is now week 3 of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus epidemic going on in the world so far. This virus has claimed the lives of many loved ones and has also uprooted so many lives. Some Sterling College students were about to graduate and move on into the real world, but it looks like life threw them one more curve ball for good measure. These seniors have had their senior year ruined to the point where they didn’t even get to finish out their last couple of weeks on campus with friends and their graduation was ruined as well because of the fact that they won’t be able to have it in the normal slot of time.

One such senior, Melvin Irby, who has been at Sterling for three years after transferring from junior college in California. Irby also played football for Sterling and had just finished his senior season and made it a good one making the 2nd-team all-conference.

Irby said, “My senior year was not ruined. Did I want to finish my senior year with my friends and be with them until the end…yes! I don’t have any problems with online classes. It sucks that we all didn’t get that true send off and might not because of the graduation schedule, but I’m just glad I got to know my friends here and just that I’ll always have those memoires forever.”

Irby would go home to California after being told to leave Sterling for the remainder of the year and his life back home is something he looks not to change because of this virus.

Irby said, “I am staying inside and whenever I do go outside, I wear a mask and I wash my hands, spray my outside clothes and/or change my clothes altogether. I know this virus is very serious and I’m being careful to prevent myself from getting it, but I still have to live my life too and that’s something I need in order to stay sane.”

The art of staying sane during these times has become a challenge for everyone nowadays and to hold on what we once knew is something hard and for us to try is just the first step. This virus has taken a lot from us and the at least the one thing that we should try and hold on too; try not to let this virus take from us is ourselves. Don’t lose yourselves during these times because this will test you and make you seem weak, but in fact we are strong! So we all need to stand up and fight!

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