Pandemic Lifestyle

            This Covid-19 pandemic has seriously altered the way daily life is lived all around the world. This is no different for those of us who attend Sterling College.

             Since the country has been on lock down, our schooling has been moved to all online, which has led to struggles for some of us who rely on a classroom environment, and, on the flip side, made school simpler for some. Regardless it has changed how education is for us all. 

            In addition, it has changed the way we see the communities we live in, since we now are either in home isolation or doing something other than school. 

            While many students were able to return home, I was not due to the severity of the outbreak in southern California. Instead my last month and a half has been split between living in Sterling and staying on the farm my sister’s family lives on in Windthorst, Texas. 

            Windthorst is a small town built around farming where everyone is still an essential worker, so down there things really haven’t changed that much. Sterling is a town that was built around a college. While there are multiple businesses and of course the farms around Sterling that also are staples for the community, the college is the central hub of the town. 

            With the school empty and all business being conducted remotely, it is obvious to see the difference, especially for those of us who are or were students and still live in Sterling.         

  When things were normal, a lot of us had solid friend groups that we could spend time with and had different sets of friends that maybe had different interests, so whatever group someone would hang out with could depend on the activity. 

            Since the lockdown, I have primarily only hung out with my fiancé and his former college roommate as we have wanted to keep our circle small, but also because almost everyone has gone home. 

            Sterling sophomore Ally Meins is also still living in Sterling but has basically cut herself off from any social interaction.

             “Honestly, I just spend all my time in my little home, doing stuff around the house, doing schoolwork and spending time with my cat,” Meins said.

             Sterling graduate Adam Scalisi has not been having fun with these new social changes.  

 “Like, straight up, this pandemic is not a good time. When I’m not working, I either watch dumb videos on my phone or grill on the porch with my friends, but it sucks because we like can’t kick it with the boys,” Scalisi said. 

            For people like him who are very social, this has obviously been tough, but less socially active people are feeling it in a different way. 

            “I have always liked having alone time and never been drawn to always having to spend time with other people, but since this pandemic has made it so social interactions are not advised, I do miss being able to see my friends,” Meins said. 

            Life as we know it has probably changed forever. I just hope that once this is over things can go back to as normal as possible. 

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