COVID-19 Causes Change

This is the fourth week where I am covering the pandemic that has caught the entire world off guard, COVID-19, or Coronavirus. This virus has simultaneously put the world into a panic and uprooted everyone’s lives all at the same time. It has changed the way people would do their daily activities and even stopped some of them to stop their daily activities entirely and forced them to find something else to do, turning their world upside-down. People’s state of flux is out of order thanks to this virus and it is making them change who they are in the process.

Kaylea Hein, Sophomore, from Wichita Kansas said, “I have had to make a schedule for myself at home that I did not think I would have to do. The biggest issue is doing my homework at home just because I am used to doing it in the library.”

For the students that were forced to leave school early this entire situation has turned their way of life completely around; they are now forced to find another way of doing their day-to-day activities in order to complete school. Their way of doing this is not the way anymore and it is not their fault, but they must find another way. This pandemic has forced these kids to go back home for long periods of time which in turn can change their attitudes because as we all know being around family is a great feeling, but for long periods of time it can be frustrating.

Yaniralis Rosario a.k.a. Ya-Ya said, “I believe attitude has changed; My attitude is more mean or rude, but that is not me at all. I am kinder and sweeter, but this virus has just put me into a bad mood a lot of the time. I am really just ready for all of this to be over so I can go back to normal.”

This shift from being on their own with no parent supervision and almost ready go into the world and fully be on their own is something that these students did not ask to end this early. Some are not in the right stable household and just are not comfortable being home for a long period of time, so this is not something of a good change for them.

Hein said, “I think this will all end when people learn how to stay home; I can not see it going on any longer than June, but truly who knows.”

Rosario said, “I think this will end when everyone will listen and just stay at home and respect the rules being in forced.”

This is truly a place of change and it is all not for the good!

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