California’s extended stay-at-home causes distress

COVID-19 continues to force stay-at-home orders throughout the country and the term social distancing has become an everyday thought.

Sterling College seniors are still awaiting news regarding a postponed graduation and when it may be safe to return to Sterling and retrieve their belongings. Until then, students will remain home with their families.

The news of California’s governor again extending the stay-at-home order was released this week with Riverside County extending their order another seven weeks through June 19.

Under the governor’s order, Riverside County residents are required to stay home unless they must leave for essential business or activities, such as buying groceries or visiting their doctor. However, some families are beginning to grow restless.

Small business owners wish desperately to return to work while the Coronavirus situation continues to be stretched out, making it difficult to allow them to reopen.

People are still being urged to do their part by staying home, but with home isolations now stretching into the second month, it is most difficult for those who are tired of being afraid and cooped up at home for something they do not believe is a true threat and/or has not touched their lives directly yet.

Right now, it is nearly impossible to make a call that will please everyone.

I am doing my best to keep my family calm and at peace with the decisions being made for us, but it’s still hard. This whole situation is hard.

So many have died from this outbreak, but those angry with the continued extension of the stay-at-home order now seem angrier than ever and act to seek blame or to dismiss the severity of this pandemic all together.

It seems a new video comes out every few days from a new scientist or specialist that has their own opinion of what we should be doing and how we should be handling things.

With all this confusion it is no wonder there are so many peaceful and not-so-peaceful protests happening around locations such as public beaches and parks.

This is a difficult time for everyone with no sure end date in mind. All we can do is keep encouraging and supporting our friends and family, and do our part to not worsen the situation.

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