COVID-19 don’t got nothing on the Power of Positivity

This is my last COVID-19 update and because of this being the last one this will be a special one. This will be something different from the rest because unlike the others where it was all doom and gloom; this one will be a positive one for you all. This update is something to give you all some smiles going into the future.

Torey Wilson, Freshman, said, “My year was indeed cut short, I do miss my friends and want to be with them, and hell I miss being in Sterling College…I wouldn’t have known all of this and had all of these feelings inside of my heart if I wasn’t forced home; yes this is a bad situation, but I’m looking towards the future and the future has my friends in it, so I can’t wait.”

The positive energy from your friends is something that can’t be match by a lot of things and being separated from them is a something that hurts a lot and because of that it helps to think that the future is indeed bright and it will get better. This positive mindset is something that’s helped a lot of great people during this time.

Melvin Irby, Senior, said, “I hated online classes and I wanted to walk across that stage and hold my diploma up high so my mom can be proud of me, but I realized that I’m still going to graduate and my told me she’s proud of me no matter what, so I was good! This whole situation is awful, but as long as I have my family by my side then I’m great!”

Family and friends is something that can get those dark thoughts out of your head real quick. This COVID-19 has put everyone into this bad mindset that everything won’t be ok and the future become where everything will be awful forever, but in reality the future is something to look forward to. Doctors are working so hard to get this over with and keep everyone safe, so those times where you’re with your family and friends will come and that future you think will be awful will turn into awesome.

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