The Wilson Post: Why 2020 does NOT totally suck

Many people are quick to write off 2020 as being a terrible start to the new decade, and at first glance it seems like that.

In the sports world, the death of Kobe Bryant hit hard to the basketball community.

The passing of Chadwick Boseman shocked the movie industry.

COVID-19 shut down the world and took the lives of many other loved ones.

Racial injustices and riots in the street consumed the media.

All in all, it seems like 2020 was a bust.

However, I think an argument can be made that 2020 does NOT suck.

I think 2020 gave me new appreciation for things I took for granted.

Finishing the spring semester online reminded me of the blessing of being able to go to school and interact with friends and professors.

It also reminded me of the blessing of my amazing basketball family that I didn’t get to see for five months.

The loss of springs sports was a reminder that sports are temporary and not something our identity should be tied up in.

Online schooling gave parents and students a new appreciation for their teachers as “home school” became a necessity.

On the flip side, it reminded teachers of the reason they went into teaching and encouraged them to find new and innovative ways to reach their students.

The pandemic has given all of us ample opportunity to spend more time with family.

This summer I played more cards and board games with my family than I have in my whole life.

This became one of my favorite things to do as it brought us all closer together through great memories and lots of laughs.

The year 2020 was also a year for meditation and self-reflection.

People were finally forced to slow down.

Without the rush and business of everyday life, we were able to see the different areas of our worlds that needed improvement.

Our country was also faced with a period of self-reflection as this year brought up a lot of internal issues that in the past this county had swept under the rug and tried to ignore.

Issues of racial injustice were brought to light and fought for as people realized that racism is still alive and active in our country.

With all the businesses shutting down, we were reminded of the real necessities in life.

We were challenged to find new, creative ways to do things at home such as working out, cooking and entertainment.

The year 2020 was a time of discovering new hobbies like painting, reading or learning to play an instrument.

I’m sure many people also binged countless hours of Netflix or dove into the catalog of movies provided by Disney+. Maybe that isn’t a hobby, but it surely helped them cope.

All of these things occurred because of the new challenges that 2020 brought.

Without 2020 these discoveries and reminders would never have been made apparent. And it is for these reasons that I stand by the fact that the year 2020, despite its ups and downs, does NOT suck.

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