COVID-19 alters campus activities

Events at Sterling College will look a little different this year. 

Masks will be required and social distancing measures will be put in place, but that will not stop activities this year.

The Campus Activities Board is working to make accommodations to its annual events, finding new ways for students to do things.

“It’s new and strange, but we’ve embraced it,” CAB President Kenton Rocheford said.

Upcoming events include Bingo Night on Oct. 3.

“We all know these are difficult times we are living in, but we won’t have to deal with them one day when we are all in the presence of God,” Rocheford said. “The person you will be at the end of all of this will be stronger because you made it through it. Talk to your family and friends often, and try your best to appreciate all the beautiful things life still holds. You can do it.”

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