Sterling v York: A Tie at Zero

Matthew Albury (front right) taking the ball to Baldemar Martinez (back left) while the opposing team closes in.
Photograph by Addy Owens

On Sept. 19, the men’s soccer team of Sterling College, the Warriors, faced off against the York College’s team, the Panthers.

“Both teams are playing,” said Referee Blessing Ngwa during halftime, “and that’s what we want. Good game.”

The teams ran back and forth from goal to goal, the players near goals stopped by the opposing team. After many close calls on both sides, neither of the teams scored. 

“It ended up 0-0 at second overtime,” said junior Alex Motta of the York College Panthers, “but it was a great game. Props to the keepers, they had great saves.”

Though the Sterling team gained two red cards during the game, senior Joel Chavez, the goalkeeper of Sterling College Warriors, had this to say: “We kept going, we kept fighting. We gave everything we had. We didn’t get the result we wanted, but we’ll keep fighting the rest of the season.”   

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