Warriors v. Panthers: Sterling Loss 0 to1

On the Sterling soccer field, the Sterling women’s soccer team, the Warriors, played against the women’s soccer team of York, the Panthers.

Ciera Britain (center left) attempts to get ball away from opponent. Photograph by Addy Owens

“First half: pretty even,” said referee Jared Crist at half time. “I think York’s got the advantage. They had a few more chances. [York] managed to put one in the goal, so pretty even other than that.”

Though both teams played their hardest, the single goal made by York was the only one to be made the entire game.

“It was a scrappy fight,” said junior Jazmin Pineda of York’s soccer team. “It was a fight until the end. We’re just happy to come out with that result. Props to Sterling College for giving us a good fight.”

The game was intense, both sides equally matched. In the end, the Sterling women’s team did their best.

“I think the girls played strong throughout all ninety minutes,” said freshman Anna Cortez, defender for the Warriors. “There were definitely a lot of opportunities. We just didn’t finish them, but I definitely think that it’s a great improvement from the past games.” 

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