The Cinematic Haystack: Getting a ‘Clue’

As fall is upon us, you may be looking for a good movie to watch while sipping on that pumpkin spice latte, and if you enjoy thrilling and comedic ‘who-done-it’ mysteries, look no further than the cult classic “Clue: The Movie.” 

This dark comedy, based off the popular board game Clue, is filled with more twists and turns than an average corn maze yet is simple for the viewer to understand. Join a unique cast of characters, played by actors such as Tim Curry and Lesly Ann Warren, as they try to deduce which one among them is the killer. Who will die next as this unlikely group stumbles upon secret passageways, unexpected guests, and more?

The movie indulges in a large range of humour, from as high-class and dry as an off-campus martini to as slapstick and silly as a troupe of party clowns. However, the dark undertones of the plot will be what keeps you on the edge of your seat, anticipating who will be the next victim.

Though this movie can be delightfully twisted, there are some aspects of this movie that could be seen as offensive. This movie takes a rather sexual view towards women, as can be seen in a ‘uniform’ the maid wears that looks like it had been fitted for a twelve-year-old, and the way that almost all the men ogle and inappropriately touch the women . However, the mannerisms that most of the men take with the women makes these characters less appealing to the audience, making it more fun to see them in near death instances.  

Excluding the sexual nature of the film, “Clue: The Movie”  is a hilarious and exciting mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end and has very much earned its title as a cult classic.  

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