Hello, Hello: The Political Podcast

 The podcast by Sterling College’s own seniors Jesse Sheppard and Adam Moore, Hello, Hello, is a look at politics and its inner workings.

“Adam studies political science,” said Jesse in reference to how the podcast got started, “and I’m very uninformed. I have a general understanding, like most people do. So our goal is to reach people like me and introduce them into [the political] world.”

Now at seventeen episodes, this podcast follows its Mantra of ‘Make America Informed Again,’ even when COVID struck, postponing the release of the second season until Sept. 22. 

“The first season was more narrow ideas,” said Adam, “and this season is more about big picture ideas. Like what does Congress do? What does the White House do? We try not to do super opinionated topics. So it’s more like ‘this is how the government works,’and we try to make sure it’s not just bipartisan but nonpartisan.”

The Hello, Hello podcast can be found on both Spotify and Apple Music under bgs audio.

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