Golfing at Sterling

As the golfing season comes to a close, the Sterling men’s team ends the season with the collective lowest score of 282, and the women’s team ends with the lowest score of 356.

“We’re a pretty young team but we went out and broke the school single round scoring record and got 2 wins over Bethany College and 1 win over Oklahoma Wesleyan,” said senior golfer Casey Dougherty. “There’s a lot we need to do better, [and] the big one would be 120 yards and in.”

Though they were down some key players this time around, the Sterling Golfing teams did their best this semester and have high hopes for the next. 

“We’re better than I thought [but] we can get a lot better,” said Head Coach Tanner George, “ We expect to go into KCAC next semester, but we shall see.”

Coach George says that they’re planning on gaining a new member for next semester, hopefully bolstering their chances to get even better scores next season. 

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