Men’s Soccer: Rising to Greatness

The Sterling men’s soccer team, the Warriors, has had a winning season so far, with five wins and one loss.

“We’re tied for number one in the nation,” said senior Joel Chavez, the goalie for the Warriors, “with the most shutouts. Going from a team where almost every team would score on us, and now only one team has scored on us.I feel like this is going to be a very successful season for the team, and the players are very motivated as well.”

Along with the winning streak, the Sterling men’s soccer team has also gained a sense of comradery, as stated by sophomore Joao Do Nascimento, a midfielder for the Warriors.

“I feel like my team is always happy,” said Nascimento. “They are always making fun of everything, and they are always friends that make everyone feel better. So, that’s probably the best part of it.”   

With the five wins and each other on their side, the Sterling men’s soccer team go forward to finish the season to the very best of their abilities, readily awaiting whatever may come from these last few games. You can see them playing a home game against Bethel College on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 1pm.

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