Sterling Women’s Volleyball Wrap Up The Season

Number 12, Sophomore Julie Jellison, preparing to strike the ball back over to the opponent, with teammates Emily Peterson (Number 25) and Carim Butterworth (Number 3) ready to help. Photo by Sterling College Athletics

 Sterling College’s women’s volleyball team, Lady Warriors, has brought this odd season to an end, despite many complications inflicted by the unique nature of 2020.

“It was a little different season than usual,” said head volleyball coach John Harding, “ just because we started later than we normally would and a lot of not knowing what was going to happen. But it started out well. We got to play a lot of matches early in the season and started off strong.”

As Coach Harding continues on, he explains that COVID has affected the matches they intended to play and what the team made it through. 

 “When we got into the conference, there were some issues with teams being quarantined, and some of our team had to be quarantined at one point. So, matches got postponed and rescheduled and all that. It got a little crazy here at the end, but we were able to play most of the matches that we were scheduled to play and had a couple of the matches had to be moved to the Spring.”

Despite the challenges that the women’s team had to assess this last semester, the players are undeterred and powered through.

“Compared to previous years,” said sophomore Colleen Meffert, “we persevered, but we also had better stats, and we really played better as an entire unit.”    

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