Lady Warriors Start Undefeated at 8-0

The Sterling College Women’s Basketball team has remained undefeated as they started off their season 8-0.

Covid-19 has affected many of the sports teams on campus, including the women’s basketball team.

Many players have moved in and out of quarantine throughout the first semester.

However, that has not dulled the team’s spirit or determination.

“COVID has changed basketball in a way that you never know when your next game is,” senior point guard Kylah Comley said. “This makes all of us players value and be even more grateful for every opportunity we get to step onto the court.”

With a new wave of coronavirus precautions it is difficult to know when the next basketball game will be played; however, that has not prevented the team from growing together like a family.

“The most memorable moment has been going to Iowa at the beginning for the year to play in a tournament. We ate really good food, played well, and were able to share a lot of fun memories,” Comley said. “That or listening to our freshman ‘attempt’ to sing Christmas carols at our team Christmas party. Basketball has given me a huge platform to impact those around me. Through basketball I’ve met my best friends and created memories and moments that will last me much longer than basketball.”

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