COVID-19: From a Georgian Perspective-Probably not the End but the Awakening of the Beginning

The 83rd Governor of Georgia, Mr. Brian Kemp has decided to reopen businesses while continuing to follow Social Distancing guidelines. Following this decision, Kemp has received many laskbacks from others including the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms and the 45th president of the United States, Mr. Donald T. Trump. Mayor Bottoms posted recently on her`Twitter page (@KeishaBottoms), “Whether or not I have the legal authority to supersede the order from the governor, i still have my voice, and I will continue to use my voice to encourage people to exercise common sense, listen to the science, and stay home.” The 45th President of the United States even disagreed with the fact of Georgia reopening. In a White House conference, president trump stated “Maybe you wait a little bit longer until you get to phase 2. So do i agree with him? No, but i respect him and i will let him make his decision.” Per the Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia currently has 21,512 cases. Out of these 21,000 cases, 4,069 are hospitalized cases while 872 cases have resulted in death. Out of all 50 states, Georgia has the 10th highest COVID cases.

Many Georgians feel that this was an unsafe act from our governor and may cost many lives in the end. Jenese Hill, formerly from Charleston, SC but now a resident of Georgia since 2006 is the Director of a law firm in southwest Atlanta. Mrs. Hill stated “I think it is too soon for (Governor)Kemp to lift restrictions to businesses that are essential.” Mrs Hill also thinks that the political future for the newly elected governor does not look pretty. “I think not only will it cost him in his bid for re-election but also it will inevitably cost lives unnecessarily.” Tammy Leverette, also an Atlanta Citizen is a federal Employee. She believes that an immature decision was made and many businesses for human pleasure do not need to be open. Leverette stated ‘I am like most. I feel that it is a big mistake (Governor Kemps Decision) and poorly thought out. The businesses that he has planned to open are not even supportive. I don’t understand how he decided to open bowling etc.“

Personally, I think that we have not even hit our peak in the state yet. I think that this decision was based on what Governor Kemp felt. I do believe that this was a very terrible yet immature decision that will only be realized when it is too late. Until then, I will continue social distancing from others to protect the well being of myself and my loved ones. I do not believe this is the end. We are looking at a monster that is red in the face. We have yet come up with a conscious plan that everyone will cooperate with to defeat it. We must pray for all people in the medical field and the National Guardsmen. This curve that we are battling is totally unfair to them.

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