COVID19-From a Georgian Perspective- Counting Blessings!

I have become so unbothered by the “Shelter in Place” act because this is what I do when things are normal. Georgia is beginning to open up again. Governor Brian Kemp will lift the Statewide act on Friday. I still disagree that we are opening up a little too soon. However I am still choosing to shelter in place because it is what is in my best interest. Everyday is the same. I have found a part time Job. Thank God it is literally 5 mins away from Grandmother, who I am looking after. I still train for track and field. But most importantly I set more time aside to focus on college. If I am going to be honest, these past few days have been emotional draining. I have figured out alot about people. I have figured out a lot about myself. I am genuinely creating new ideas and seeking more knowledge. There is no limit on how smart one can become. During this pandemic, I am counting my blessings. I pray for Sterling College and that we will be able to reunite one day, soon. I feel like this pandemic has brought me closer to knowing our creator. I understand that he has full power and is in control. Everyday I strive to be a better Corrssia than I was the week before and the day before. I make every day count in the books.

During this time I have gotten to know my grandmother more. Before she goes to bed we always have long conversations. I’ll never forget when she was asked if she wanted to go walking around the culdesac one morning. It was a cool and sunny morning. She said ,“This is what you call a Blackberry Spring.” I laughed because of the way she had said it. I asked her more details about the phrase and she said “Because we are in spring time, and it does not feel like it.” Be mindful that my Grandmother is a “Baby Boomer”. She was born in 1940. In that time frame, there were many phrases that people would use to describe things and life. However, she is a strong lady. She been through so much illness in her life, it led to a point where she could not move but lay and moan. I don’t have to question because know where I get my determination and strength from. I asked her all about this and she said ,”But I am still here.”, and I said “Amen Momo. God is Good.”

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