COVID-19: From a Georgian Perspective- The Good and Resilient Samaritan

Honestly, I do not know if things are beginning to feel a little clearer again as we try to live life again on my side of the country. Since reopening Georgia, cases are still rising high in numbers for the CoronaVirus. But yet, I trust my institution to stay at home and only go out when needed. The Georgia Department of Public Health now reports that there are now 31,600 cases. 1,384 of the cases have been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. There are now 5,000 Georgians that are battling this enemy in the hospital rooms and there are 1,352 cases that have resulted in deaths. While commuting to and from Atlanta, I passed under billboards by the Georgia Department of Transportation that stated “keep social distancing while driving.” As many of the cars that love to ride my bumper before I brake check them? Yet I let out a little chuckle as i cruise right on by. Nothing has changed in my routine except working a job. The shelves in the store are starting to stay full for awhile, instead of people ripping things off the shelf in one day after we had just restocked it. One of the most touching moments I had on the job was when I helped a death woman check out at the cash register. I could tell she was getting frustrated. But with a little bit of patience, I helped her walk out that store with her things in hand.

On a happy note, with finals rolling in, we are preparing to end the semester. I am excited because I want to see how much I have improved academically. Most people do not know that I had been out of college for 5 years before returning this year. Most of this came because of fear. I was scared that I was not smart enough. I came to Sterling with a 1.67 GPA.  This came from a person who was not focused and did not care. I was ashamed and I should have been. This year I promised that I would never allow my GPA to fall like that again. This is a new start. I am a different Corssia than I was in 2015. I got my head on straight and my paths. I take everything and everyone seriously. I take opportunities rather than pass them by. I have a plan and I know how to execute.  I know I am smart enough to graduate “Cum Laude”. I am smart enough to be an honor graduate. I am worthy enough to hold a bachelor’s degree that has my name printed on it. It’s been 5 years and the end of this semester will tell me if it were worth all the delay.

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