English Blend Strives To “Blend” Creative Ideas

Photo by: The English Blend

By: Cathryn Cavazos

A warm cup of coffee, chocolate fondue, literature, and friendships are not the only thing that Sterling College’s most literate club, The English Blend, provides. The club, open to anybody who wishes to join, has a goal to give students a place to share their thoughts and ideas on the world around them while connecting with fellow students and enjoying themselves.

Kaitlyn Little, junior and president of the English Blend, says that the goal is to provide a “space for people to share their thoughts on life, ask questions, and through that discussion, people feel known and appreciated, and it feels like a space where you belong.”

The idea for the club came to fruition in 2010 when a group of young men wanted to start a group for the English majors. “It’s been going on for about seven years,” said Aaron Brown, English department chair. Ever since then, the club has strived to put on events that anybody, not just English and writing majors, can attend and enjoy.

“Our last event was our beginning of the year shindig at Dr. Watney’s house,” Little said. “Participants were asked to bring their favorite passage from a poem, a book, or a movie script that really resonated with them” and after enjoying snacks, including chocolate fondue dip, and introducing all of the freshmen English majors, “we went outside and there was a fire pit and we all read our passage around the fire and then each said a little bit about why that passage meant so much to us.”

“I think if there are students that are looking for a close sense of community, and if they’re passionate about language or writing or reading…I think they’ll find a home,” Brown said. “That’s what I think we’re all about.” He then went on to joke that it was “the best club” on campus.

The next English Blend event will be on Oct. 20 with a Lawn Scrabble game on Cooper lawn. More information to come. 

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