Dr. Brown encourages students to rethink justice

By Anna Adamyk   Sterling, KS — Feb 10, 2018, 10:21 A.M.

Dr. Kneeland Brown captivated students’ attention from the beginning of his speech “Let Justice Roll Down.” Dr. Brown’s speech, which took place during Sterling College’s Peacemakers Convocation Friday, Feb. 8, focused on surrendering ourselves and being empowered by God to serve others.

Dr. Brown’s key point was that “righteousness and justice can only be lived out when we’re empowered by God.” He spoke of how today’s society is caught up in “trying to live out justice and righteousness by our own devices,” but it only causes negative impacts on those around us.

“God empowers us to live justly. God empowers us to live righteously. But to receive his power to do that, we have to accept that we’re incapable of doing it [ourselves]… When I submit myself to God, He empowers me to be a servant to those around me,” said Dr. Brown.

Brown’s speech brought in examples in history of faithful African-Americans who trusted that God would make righteousness and justice prevail. They stood up for justice even though everyone was against them, and allowed God to empower them. Dr. Brown also referenced Romans 12:15 as a response to recent political friction, saying that Christians are called to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. “Place [your] pride down to take care of one another,” Brown said. “We need to be praying for families who are in fear of being separated.”

Brown wrapped up his speech with several stories to help students remember the key points. “The best part was the end,” said Maddie Carr, sophomore, “The story about his daughter celebrating her juice box really stuck with me. She was excited about something she was promised.” Brown gave his daughter as an example of how Christians should react to God’s promises. He has promised righteousness and justice and Christians should rejoice in His promise to empower us for serving.


Dr. Brown earned his B.A. in Liberal Studies and his M.A. in Christian Education from Azusa Pacific University, and his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California. As a former student, he understands the pressure students put on themselves to immediately after earning their degrees.

His advice to college students is to remember that “life is a marathon, and not a sprint.” In our early years, especially coming out of college, there is a lot that students want to achieve “we go through the college experience, we’re dreaming about the world and the impact we want to make and it becomes overwhelming,” Dr. Brown said. “Take your time. Breathe. It’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint. It all comes together.”

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Video by Micah Watney

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