Snow Storm Causes Postponement In Connection Café Event

A place to go and fellowship and enjoy some nice hot coffee is just what Jeff Darnauer wanted when he opened Connection Café. Connection Café is a place where college students can come and get their homework done in a coffeehouse environment or where they can just enjoy socializing with friends.

Connection Café is only open on Monday’s from 7-10pm on the second floor of the United Methodist Church. This means that sometimes people get too busy to come on a Monday night.

Trinity Parriman, Lexi Sutter, Modene Watie, and Katie Bridgman talked with Jeff and they all agreed that it would be fun to keep Connection Café open on Friday night only once a month. This way people would be able to have more opportunities to come in and enjoy some fellowship. Last month they had a very successful Live Music night which brought several college students over to hear some very talented musicians play.

This month Connection Café was hosting the English Blend Club’s Annual Poetry Slam. The team from the Café went around making posters, advertising, and started getting ready for the event, all until Friday morning came.

When the snowstorm hit on Friday, Jeff and the rest of the college students planning the event thought that it would be best to cancel the event. Jeff had said, “Are you guys feeling brave enough to still keep things in for tonight despite the weather?”

But the group had come to a consensus that the safety of the college students and people who were going to go to the event was much more important. The event being postponed was the right thing to do in the end.

Trinity Parriman said, “The decision to cancel the event at connection was an easy choice, due to the weather Sterling was having with all the snow and ice, we decided it would be best to cancel the event for the community’s safety.” The staff and crew from Connection Café had the best intention for everybody and the people of Sterling.

Until further notice the event has been postponed until word from Jeff Darnauer and the staff of Connection Café. They will continue to keep us updated like they did the day the storm hit for the safety of the students. Connection cafe hoped that everybody stayed safe and had a cup of joe to keep warm.

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