The Great Plains Review Submission Deadline March 1st.

The Great Plains Review is a student led journal that incorporates many arts such as poetry, song lyrics, photography, fiction and non-fiction from the other students here on Sterling College campus and other artists from the great plains of the country.

The Great Plains Review accepts submissions each year during the spring semester. After the submission process, each quality of work is put into a specific folder to see if it meets the standards of The Great Plains Review. The person who has passed through all of these steps will then get notified and the final drafts of the composition will be put in the journal.

The theme of this year’s Great Plains review is “Life in Color”. This means that you are highlighting the most enjoyable and happy things that inspire you.  

Some submission Guidelines are that there is no profanity, violence, or Gore, submissions must be separate, you have to have your name on it, and it should be under 10 pages long. If you have all of this then you have met the requirements to submit your work.

The deadline for this submission is by Friday, March 1st, 2019. You can email your submissions to if you are interested in this amazing opportunity for people to see your work and for you to impact others by your composition.

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