Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominees Present Teaching Techniques

The Education Department hosted their anual Kansas Teacher of the Year conference. Eight selected teachers through out the different regions of Kansas prepare a presentation on teaching techniques and what makes them so successful in the classroom. The conference revolves around uplifting and encouraging future educators.

“It is a way that exposes Sterling College students to exceptional educators” Stephanie Simpson, Assistant Professor of Education said.” It allows them to see the states best, I personally enjoy listening to each message of each teacher. Each is an incredible servant leader and innovative educator, serving to motivate peers and future teachers.”

” This is important to our department because it inspires all of us teacher candidates to be the best we can be for students,” Janae Ryan said. ” I had a great experience. The teachers were so knowledgable and excellent speakers. Its important for Sterling and our teaching program because it helps our networking and getting our name out to schools around the state. It is a great way to collaborate with other talented professionals.”

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