Band performs ‘Sounds of Sterling’

Monday band director Larry Brownlee hosted the “Sounds of Sterling” concert, which consisted of Sterling College’s symphonic band, Sterling High School band and the junior high band. This event was Brownlee’s last year working with the high school band after 34 years, now shifting his focus to working exclusively with Sterling College.

Photo by Briseyda Ponce
Larry Brownlee, Sterling High School and Sterling College band director, addresses the audience at the start of Monday’s concert. This was his final performance as the high school’s band director.

The concert began with a flute ensemble performance by Lanae Welty, Alexis Sant, Isabelle Bates, Emma Bolton and Nay Elli. The sixth grade class then followed the ensemble with a piece by the name of “Kum Bah Yah.”

Photo Briseyda Ponce
The junior high flute ensemble performs Monday night.

The Sterling Junior High band followed by playing “Dance of the Spirits,” “Brentwood Pass” and “Canto.” After that performance, the Sterling College Symphonic Band took the stage to play “Song for Lyndsay” by composer Andrew Boysen, Jr.

“It was a great experience being able to play by my fathers side one last time, but I am also excited to see what the new band director does in the high school,” said Bella Brownlee, current member of the Sterling Junior High band and daughter of director Larry Brownlee.

Photo by Briseyda Ponce
The junior high band performs Monday in the high school auditorium.

Afterward, the Sterling High School band played “Symphony No.1: In Memoriam Dresden-1945.”

The grand finale consisted of the combination between the high school band and college band playing in unison. This was the last time director Brownlee would be conducting the high school band.

“It was really fun,” said sophomore Modene Watie, current member of the Sterling College Symphonic Band. “There’s a few sections in the college band that are made up of only a couple people, so to be able to have full sections and a full sound was really nice.”

Photo by Briseyda Ponce
Brownlee directs the Sterling College Symphonic Band Monday.

Brownlee said he has enjoyed working with the high school students over the years, but he is looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

“It’s been awesome. Great kids. I love them all. I don’t want to leave them, but I am excited to go to the college,” he said. “You can expect great music and a growing program.”

Photo by Briseyda Ponce
Larry Brownlee conducts the junior high band Monday night.

Both the high school and college band programs have several events coming up. A schedule can be seen below.

Future Music Events:

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