Spring semester nears its end

The end of the school year is quickly approaching. In less than 7 weeks the seniors will soon walk the stage. Finals testing week is May 6-9 followed by graduation May 11.

Several seniors said their experiences at Sterling College have been largely positive and filled with memories.

“My experience here at sterling has been a road full of ups and downs. I came in as a freshman not really sure where my place was and being from Los Angeles it was a complete culture shock to come to little ol’ Sterling,” said Mia Luques, current senior and member of the softball team.

Senior Keyshawn McMahon agreed.

“But with this place came a lot of great memories and such great friendships. Now being a senior I have a better understanding of myself as a person and I have grown stronger and more mature to take on the adult world” he said.

“To the underclassmen, make the most of your time here. It may not be the city of lights. There are not a lot of things to do here but there is so much potential to this place. Take in the small town feel, the people around you, take in the different cultures that you encounter while being surrounded by your peers and overall  focus so hard on your studies. College is so much fun and I wish I could do it all over again, maybe with better grades but overall, make everyday your best day” Luques said.

Mia Luques (courtesy photo)

” Sterling has been good to me. It’s only helped me progress as a basketball player, in faith and as a young man. I enjoyed the warm, cordial atmosphere here and I really had time to work on who I am and grow in a lot of my interests and passions” Said Keyshwan McMahon a communications major and previous basketball team captain.

“After graduation I am looking to pursue multiple fields. My goal is to be happy and inspire as many lives as possible” McMahon said.

“I advice the underclassmen to not try to be perfect. Strive for everything you want in college but realize finding yourself and what you want to be won’t be perfect. Balance the highs and lows because through the four years you will definitely experience them. Stay the course and take it day by day” McMahon said.

Drake Koops felt the his experience in Sterling was just as positive.

Keyshawn McMahon (courtesy photo)

” While here at Sterling I have been able to form amazing friendships that are completely unique to Sterling. I have also been able to pursue my interests while being supported by professors who genuinely care about my success. Sterling College and the surrounding community have made this time here feel like a home away from home” Said Sterling Government Association President Drake Koops.

” I advice the underclassmen to be intentional. You are not often surrounded by people who are of a similar mindset and age such as yourself and pursuing the same things. Form close friendships and enjoy your time here because it ends before you know it. Look to grow with your education and your life experiences so that you can say that you got the most out of Sterling” Koops said.

Sterling has been a positive experience full of growth for Koops, McMahon and Luques.

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