Band at Chapel Shocks Sterling College Students

There are many words that were going through the heads of our Sterling College Students the night of Chapel this past Sunday April 14th. The band, No Longer Music came to this two credit chapel to give a message and story of Jesus dying on the cross and evangelizing to the students. It was a night to remember and really got people’s attention to the message and making a redemption story for many.

From the crazy man running around the stage with a helmet of Fire, the gorilla’s and dinosaurs fighting on stage, to the band going crazy, people started thinking, “Wow, interesting, that’s strange” or questions like “Is that even possible?” and “Is this allowed?”. But with passion in their music there was much to be seen coming from the band, No Longer Music.

Chris Packer said “It was just weird because I got the message and all, but the way they presented it was just awkward.” He also explained that “it was just a lot to take in and i’m not used to that environment.”

This was the way that A lot of students felt about the night, since a large body even left the auditorium after stuff started getting strange. There was a small premise about rape and it was presented was very ambiguous. This is was scared off and cut off the band to their audience to being open to the rest of the show.

Anna Darcy said, “I thought it was a new way to share the Gospel. In ways the level of theatrics was much, but the idea was good and many people got saved.” She explained that even throughout the night it was so much that she was overwhelmed and had to step away in some moments because of the intensity.

But as the night went on, It only got more strange and more meaningful. Symbolism and theatrics played a bigger part in their show and showing the message about stray away from god because you want your own desires that lead you into areas of your life that you don’t want to be in, but all the bad things that you’ve gone through lead you back to God your saving grace.

Brett Couture said “I think that the message was effective for some people and some people were just choosing not to be open to the message, but at the end you saw that it reached a lot of people because of the amount of people that came to the front to change their lives and become saved by Jesus. I’ve just never seen anything like that before.”

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