Communication Department Launches SC.TV

By: Cathryn Cavazos

The Sterling College communications department has had many changes within the past
couple of years, and along with changes came upgrades.

SCTV, or Sterling College Television, is the fruition of an idea that has been discussed for a few years, and is now a place where aspiring journalists, filmmakers and radio hosts alike can come and hone their craft while getting their work out to the public.

Ryan Corwin, assistant professor of communications, said that before this year, there
was never a “uniform” place where the communications students could showcase their work.


“We had In The Know lab where students were creating chapel announcement
videos…we had The Stir newspaper lab…we had radio lab,” but there was nowhere for all of those projects to live in one place.”

A website was then created just for that purpose, located at, and Corwin has
been “thrilled” by the student response so far this year.

“None of this can happen if students aren’t involved, and there have been several
students that have picked up the ball and said ‘I’m going to run with this,” said Corwin.

One of the most important things for the department this year was that students would have projects for their portfolios once their time at Sterling was complete.

“If a freshman student came in and took advantage of our video lab every semester, by
the end of their senior year they could have about 40 [broadcast news] videos for their portfolio…[those students] are here to come and learn some skills and to make [themselves] marketable as future employees, and so that is what we’re excited about.”

The site will cover everything from sports to academics, popular culture, campus happenings, and breaking news.

“We overlook sometimes that, while it feels like we are in the middle of Kansas on
an island, people here are affected by things that happen around the world,” Corwin said. “That’s one of the things that we’re really interested in exploring.”

To submit a topic for the SC.TV news staff to cover, visit

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