Sterling College hosts first annual theology conference


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By Anna Adamyk

In an effort to commemorate 500 years since the Reformation, Sterling College’s Theology Department hosted the Semper Reformanda Conference.

The conference began at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10th in Heritage Hall on Sterling College’s campus. Semper Reformanda, which is Latin for “Always being reformed,” provided a foundation for the evening’s presentations.

The evening featured three speakers: Sterling College faculty, Dr. Glen Butner and Dr. Timothy Gabrielson and guest speaker, Dr. Henry Lederle. Dr. Lederle provided a brief explanation on his address titled, “Celebrating the Reformation by Continuing the Task,” “I just decided I would look at some of the things that the Reformers started, but didn’t really follow through. So I see that is the task for this generation.”

Sterling’s Dr. Butner took the floor after Lederle and presented his paper “Predestination and ‘Calvinism:’ Myth and Reality in Reformation and Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics.” Later on in the evening, Dr. Gabrielson spoke on his paper titled, “A legacy in Dispute: The Paul of the Reformation and of Recent New Testament Scholarship.” Each presentation provided a different view on the reformation and how it relates to people today.

Lederle spoke about the impact he hopes the conference had on those attending, “I want people not just to look at the Reformation as history, but as something that is a heritage that we must pass on.”

The Theology and Ministry Department plans on making their fall conference an annual event.


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