Networking Night: Students prepare for future opportunities

By Keyshawn McMahon   Sterling, KS — Feb 22, 2018, 8:32 A.M.  Updated Feb 26, 2018, 2:45 P.M.

Networking Night was a time to discuss potential career paths and develop valuable career contacts with close to 20 professionals from a variety of companies and industries. Combine the professionals with 40+ students ready to seize the moment and start their networking experience and you have an exciting evening. Cooper Hall was the place to be Tuesday night.

Networking Night
Heritage Hall was packed Tuesday night with students and various professionals in the workforce. Photo courtesy of Career

Terry Ehresman, Director of Career Services and First Year Programs, directed and hosted the event and gave students ample preparation leading up to the event. Terry said, “Networking Night is held to help students begin or expand on their personal network and connections” Students workshopped with the professionals in ten-minute intervals before rotating, providing vast opportunities to speak with multiple professionals and allowing students to all have equal time with a professional.

Hosting the event every spring is not an easy job for Ehresman, but he truly enjoys doing it. Terry said his favorite part about networking night is “To see the students take advantage of the night and recognize how valuable the night can be. And just to see the students appreciate the opportunity for professional development.”

Jason West, of Genzada Pharmaceuticals, was one of the professionals in attendance. He said “I enjoy these events just for getting to know who the SC students are and to hear their diverse backgrounds. Also, I like to hear the questions that students see as impactful or helpful, it is very interesting.” Tuesday was not Jason’s first time at Networking Night, but it was his company’s first time here because they’re brand-new.

When asked to give a tip of advice for a student here on preparation or how to handle themselves when speaking with people here, Jason said “The biggest tip maybe is to ask a lot of questions; the hallmark of a good mind is being able to engage and ask questions and show interest in what someone is saying or communicating.”

Freshman Jamiah Windom-Haynes, felt that Networking Night was very beneficial. “It allowed me to hear journeys about how people made it to the top in their fields and I learned what skills are valuable to the work field.” After his first time at Networking Night, Windom-Haynes felt the experience surpassed his expectations. When asked if he would go to another networking night Jamiah said, “Absolutely, it was fun.”

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